Coolant Fed Drill

Coolant Fed Drill

Coolant Fed Drill

In order to achieve highly efficient drilling function use our custom & robust designed Coolant Fed Drill. These precision industrial tools enable cost reduction availing superior functionality at such a lower rate.

Industrial Coolant Fed Drill

Coolant fed drill is designed to give outstanding accuracy and to achieve better efficiency and cost reduction. Coolant feed drill has longer and stronger blades and their wave edges are best suited for chip mounting. They also provide excellence to the strength of the insert and are available for re-cutting, if necessary.


Our coolant feed drill is made from a special alloy cast iron that shows high temperature strength. Their surfaces are specially treated for resistance towards corrosion and abrasion. And as the lubricating ability of the flute is good, chip is eliminated very easily.


they are used for drilling into steel, cast iron, chilled cast iron, malleable cast iron, non-ferrous heavy metal, non-ferrous light metal, and abrasive plastic.

Insert replacement caution:

After usage, clean the holder and insert the flute using an air gun before mounting a new insert.

  • Avoid the drill from being exposed to any shock.
  • The performance of the drill varies between 20-40% according to the methods used for re-cutting. If the drill is not re-coated, the performance of the drill will deteriorate that can cause chipping and damage. (for better performance, we recommend our re-cutting and re-coating techniques activities)
  • While doing re-cutting work, it is required to make the surface rough where cutting edge should be less than 1. 5s, and the height between both the blades should be within 0. 02mm.
How to use:
  • Remove the clamp screw when replacing the insert.
  • Mount the insert when turning it towards right and turn left after adjusting the insert’s mark point to be in the direction of the screw head.
  • Tighten the screw while pressing the end of the insert with fingers.